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When is racing going to feel right again?

Can't wait to put a number plate on again.

Return to racing? What are my thoughts about events starting to pop up on the schedule? I’m competitive, fit, ready to go, love racing, and dying like everyone else to get back to regular programming. Everyone is in a different situation but for me, personally, I’m not quite comfortable or ready to travel too far yet, especially by air, or participate in any mass start events. It doesn’t quite feel right for me yet.

Riding in a pack again will take some adjustment

With numbers improving we are getting so close to the light of the end of the tunnel. I’m not about to relax in sight of the finish line and put myself at risk. When then? I’m optimistic about the trajectory but until most areas are at least down in the 5-10 avg. daily cases per 100,000 range I’ll be holding course and listening to the health authorities.

Last international race in Nepal in 2019 seems like eons ago.

Pro Tour road events, World Cup Cyclocross, etc have had widespread testing, safety, screening protocol in place, and have done a great job so far. Unfortunately this testing and security isn’t logistically possible for most local race organizations. Large gatherings are still not recommended by most health authorities and I'm not about to cherry pick areas that are more relaxed. I think some local events can be managed safely but travelling puts an extra layer of risk to different communities.

Little did I know the Low Gap Grasshopper would be the highlight of my 2020 season.

For now what am I doing? I’ll try to support my local race organizers, like the Grasshoppers in NorCal, and do some of the virtual, social distanced events. Right now they are running a fun event in Marin and raising some money for charity. These are still super fun rides to motivate for and share the stoke from afar.

Friends at Velocio have brought community together for me in unexpected ways online.

I’ve also recently started Zwift WTRL racing online with some Velocio teammates from around the continent which is both a bit silly and fun. Pretty much the best of what the internet can be; connect a group of us together to share some camaraderie, jokes, beers, and a bit of friendly competition. Strange days but we are all making the most out of it.

Been testing lots of stuff behind the scenes but can't show you pics of that yet!

It is a tough time for a lot "racers" but I’ll just continue to try to do my job and promote my partners in other ways for now. Diversification is the name of the game. For me I'm just trying to get creative, share the stoke I get from riding my bike, draw on my knowledge and experience to help give people advice, continue testing behind the scenes to help make sure more amazing products are in the pipeline, and most of all I'll keep riding until the fun stops!

For now I really hope everyone just enjoys riding and stays safe.

Hope all the athletes out there make the decision that feels best for them and we can all get together soon at an event. Cheers. - Geoff

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